Sometimes in life we have a bad luck. Either in small accident or we have the major one we always suffer from it. At the time of accident, of course we will focus on making sure everyone on board are safe. Afterwards, after we make sure everyone is fine so we need to cover all of our basis before leaving the accident. To make it worse, what could happen after an accident can put us in more stressful state.

In the end, repair or sell is the only option that we have after an accident occurred. Both are a wise decision according to the condition and how your attraction to the car you used. In the end, you also need to count how much it costs for each decision.

If you want to repair your car, make sure that the damage didn’t affect much your car functionality. We also need to decide fast since body shop can charge a lot for storage if we didn’t know what to do with the damage. Some factors that we need to keep in our mind are the length of repair, rental car bills, and replacement parts.

The repairing part is not the worse of wall. We also need to think about when the car is old and we want to change the new one. A damaged car can lose up to 30% of its pre-accident value. So, keep in mind that the cost is not only direct cost, but we also have future cost when we decided to repair it.

One more thing, make sure that your insurance policy covers the damage if you have one. Some damage might not be covered by your insurance and sure it will cost you a lot. If this condition occurs to you, we suggest you to sell your car instead.

As in selling your car option, there will be two option that you can take before selling your damaged car. The first one is to repair your car first then you can sell it as a used car or you can sell it as it is. Again, you can decide which one is best for you according to how much damage in your car.

Repair your car before selling it could be the best option in some conditions. If your car only need a small repair it’s better to repair it first since it won’t cost you that much and you can also repair it as soon as possible. But if you find your engine blow completely you need to take it to a mechanic first. Some signs that indicate your engine in critical condition are knocking, clanking and tapping sounds. A strange smell that come from your engines also not a good sign. If this thing happen to you we suggest you to take the second option.

Second one is sell as it is. This option come when the repairing process just cost you too much either you want to repair before you use it again or to sell it as a used car. You will have some benefits such as you don’t have to spend the money to repair your car and also there will be people who taking care of your damaged car as it is. You don’t even need to worry about having to pay for the pickup service. There were companies that want to get your car out of your sight for free.

For you who live in St. George we recommend you to take Cash For Cars St. George as the best company to take care of your damaged car for cash. Not only giving you a free tow away service, they also give you on the spot top money for your vehicle.

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Cash for Cars St George buy any unwanted car and are very negotiable on price. we buy all types of scrap cars in Sydney. Cash for cars St George will buy any vehicle. Call Cash for cars St George today.

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